Study clarinet with four of the world's respected pedagogues in beautiful Ostend, Belgium!

Robert Spring
Professor of Clarinet
Arizona State University

Deborah Bish
Associate Professor of Clarinet
Florida State University

Eddy Vanoosthuyse
Principal Clarinet
Brussels Philharmonic
Clarinet Professor
Royal Conservatory Gent

Roeland Hendrikx
Professor of Clarinet
Maastricht Conservatory
Luca School of the Arts Leuven


Wednesday, July 3 - Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tuition 500 Euros - application due May 1, 2019

More information:

Daily study includes private lessons, master classes, recital performances, classes on warming up, reed making and adjusting, orchestral performing, and audition success. Housing will be with guest families.

Since 1996, the Belgian Clarinet Academy had provided a week long, intensive immersion in clarinet. Each student receives at least 3 private lessons, participates in clarinet ensembles, receives chamber music coaching, observes and performs in master classes and has the opportunity to take classes in special topics like reed making and adjusting, audition preparation, effective practice and even period clarinet performance. The whole course is based on the philosophy that the more you perform, observe, be observed and interact with other clarinetists, the better clarinetist you become!

We share lunch and coffee breaks together during each day for the specific goal that we have the chance to interact in both a personal and professional setting. Our evening recitals, accompanied by professional pianists, are open to the public and draw a full house!

While we don't offer scholarships, the tuition is extremely low and free housing is provided with host families. Many students return every year and request the same families! It is a wonderful way to experience Belgian culture. Chantal and Bert, the family of the late Guido Six work diligently to make certain the families match each student.

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